What Our Clients are Saying About Us

“The Shxwha:y Landfill is a facility located on the Shxwha:y First Nation near Chilliwack, BC. It is a secure, engineered landfill site that is fully lined with a HDPE bottom liner, an effective leachate collection and treatment system and off site leachate disposal at the Chilliwack Wastewater Treatment Plant. The site also has a landfill gas collection and flaring system and a comprehensive environmental monitoring program. The landfill is conformant with the B.C. Landfill Criteria.

Currently, the landfill is directly managed by the Shxwhá:y Indian Band as a Land Code Band with authority to fully administer the environmental issues on their traditional territory under Shxwha:y Village Soil Deposit Permit issued to Headlands Environmental Inc.

In our professional opinion, the Shxwha:y Landfill is one of the well managed independent landfill facilities in B.C. It is authorized to receive construction and demolition waste and contaminated soil that is below Hazardous Waste Levels.”

Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng, Ph.D, Chairman, President, Chief Engineer | Sperling Hansen Associates


“I had the pleasure of working with Mike over the years on a number of interesting and highly challenging projects that he was responsible for and required our input and specialized equipment. One of the projects we worked with him on was an intensive study of how shredded C&D material would increase the in place density and therefore the lifespan of a landfill.  Mike is a true professional who we found to make calculated decisions based on evidence and fact, yet is open minded and innovative when looking for a solution to a challenge. I can highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to add a highly competent individual to their project.”

Daryl Todd, President |  Frontline Machinery Ltd

“Headlands Environmental Services”

5 / 5

“Over the past several years Milestone has been working with Mike Hofer of Headlands Environmental and Shxwha:y Village delivering waste soils to the Skway facility in Chilliwack, BC. As an engineered, fully closed loop waste management facility with leachate collection and treatment through a polishing wetland that is discharged to the sanitary sewer system, Skway provides one of the best soil disposal options in the lower mainland. From an engineering and environmental perspective Milestone is confident that soil delivered to Skway is properly managed by Headlands Environmental Services.”

Josh Howardson, Project Manager | Milestone Environmental Contracting

“Sandpiper Contracting has had the pleasure of working with Headlands Environmental on numerous projects throughout the Lower Mainland. From initial contact, accurate quotations, to day-to-day operations, all their staff are knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Contacting them is always a breeze, and they are always available if there is a question that needs answering. With recent addition of a gravel haul back option Headlands Environmental is now a more viable and cost-effective contamination disposal site. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Royce Chambers | Sandpiper Contracting LLP

5 / 5

“Mike Hofer has worked with Shxwhá:y Village for 12 years on economic development, waste management and community engagement. Chief and Council have always found Mike to be straight forward, honest, fair and are thankful for his technical expertise and integrity. It has been a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to further engagement on our projects going forward.”

Narz Cunanan, Economic Development Officer | Shxwhá:y Village

5 / 5

“I have worked with Mike Hofer for almost a decade, and I have always found him a pleasure to deal with. Mike is honest, professional and a problem solver. Mike’s knowledge of the regulations and connections within the industry, provides me peace of mind that I always receive an environmentally and socially responsible disposal solution. I would highly recommend Mike and Headlands Environmental Services.”

Alan McCarthy, P. Eng, | KBL Environmental

5 / 5

“Mike Hofer acted as an environmental consultant for a large European mining project we operated. He added significant value to the company via the work onsite and also via his regular reporting to our major financial investor, which was a large UK based bank. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike’s company for any work related to environment and community.”

Bryan Slusarchuk, President and Director | K92 Mining Inc.