Project Description

Fire Fighting Training Area (FFTA)

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Comox

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Fire Fighting Training Area (FFTA) – Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Comox

Managed and disposed of 27,000 metric tonnes of thermally treated soil.

The Department of National Defence (DND), which administers Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Comox, implemented a remediation and risk management program at the Fire Fighting Training Area (FFTA) of CFB Comox to address soil and groundwater contamination from historical fire fighter training activities.  This project included source removal of soil in select areas to reduce contaminant mass at the site and associated liability for DND.

The work included excavation, contaminated media management and site restoration, the focus of this project was the contaminant management components of the project (i.e., treatment, destruction, or disposal), and security requirements. As a result of these historical FFTA activities at CFB Comox, contamination exceeded the federal industrial land use guidelines in soil within the Project Area.

The focus of this project was the remediation of contaminated soil, sediment and construction water at the FFTA in CFB Comox. Due to physical restrictions, soil remediation could not be conducted on site and was completed during dry conditions (i.e., summer).  Following excavation, the area will be returned to grade with imported clean geotechnical fill and the FFTA will be restored for operational use.

Project Details


August 2021 – January 2023


QM Environmental/ Department of National Defence (DND)


CFB Comox, British Columbia


Site remediation and soil management with disposal.


Headlands Environmental Inc.

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CFB Comox FFTA project
CFB Comox soil management project
CFB Comox remediation project
CFB Comox project
CFB Comox Firefighters training area
Aerial of FFTA

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